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The first aerospace club in Iran has been organizing a national free-flight national competition to identify and discover the talents of capable students for access to international and global competitions, and to develop the synchronization of infrastructure workshops along with the training of aviation technology under the heading “First” The National Flying Freestyle Festival of Iran. Since the majority of academic units, facilities and facilities, as well as executive capacity (faculty members, experts, students and staff is desirable, holding such competitions for the first time at the national level of the country , Requires the presence of a university campus Support for top plans in these events and their entry into the industry will help meet the existing needs.

 Khalaghiyat bartar Technology Center, Opposite Safdari Bus Station, Shahid Navab Highway Safavi (south to north), Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1331993413       Email:

Phone: +98 21 22624154  Fax: 89774290

Support: +989022624154 (whats app, telegram)

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